Webinar “Adoption of MLETR – are we heading towards optimal interoperability?”

Published: February 4, 2022
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ITFA DNI Initiative webinar

The ITFA (International Trade & Forfaiting Association) Fintech Committee has launched the DNI Initiative and established the most specialised community of technology firms, financial institutions and corporates with the aim to digitise negotiable trade instruments following the UNCITRAL’s Model Law for Electronic Transferrable Records (MLETR).

In today’s world, there are some important legal developments around MLETR and the digitisation of negotiable instruments, with the UK aiming to become the first G7 country to make it happen.

The webinar entitled “Adoption of MLETR – are we heading towards optimal interoperability?” is set to highlight the actual adoption and expected benefits of interoperable trade documents and negotiable instruments as advocated by the MLETR.

As trace:original is a Model Law compliant solution, Enigio’s CEO, Patrik Zekkar, together with other panellists, will discuss how they are driving the adoption of MLETR in their core activities.

The speakers are:

  • Minhaj Minhaj, Innovation Lead and Enterprise Architect, HM Revenue & Customs
  • Carl Williamson, Head of Trade Finance, UK Export Finance
  • Milena Torciano, CEO, Mitigram
  • Patrik Zekkar, CEO, Enigio

The session will take place on Tuesday 8 February at 14:00 UK time, 15:00 CET, 09:00 EST.

Send an email to lanika@itfa.org to register for the webinar.