Stephen Sandiford joins Enigio as Market Advisor

Published: January 31, 2023
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We are delighted to announce that Stephen Sandiford has joined Enigio as Market Advisor.
Stephen has 30 years' experience in UK Residential and BTL mortgages. He has worked across most aspects of mortgage lending - from strategy, sales and marketing, origination and through to servicing, and so has an invaluable view of the whole of the customer journey.
Stephen has worked at a senior level for large and small lenders, has many contacts with all areas of what is a dynamic and changing market, and has a keen eye on future developments in the market - whether social, economic or regulatory. He has recently worked as a consultant for firms across the UK mortgage industry and led a project to design and build a new, digital mortgage origination system.
Stephen will help Enigio to identify the undoubted areas of opportunity for trace:original in an as yet-untapped market.

Some words from Stephen

“The UK mortgage industry is ready for digitalisation of a cumbersome and lengthy customer experience - with all the benefits that would flow to all the stakeholders in that journey. trace:original will hugely improve that experience, and offer improved security. There is why I am excited to be working with Enigio to bring such an innovative product to the UK mortgage market."