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Published: November 5, 2021
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FOS21 Enigio

Enigio’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Gunnar Collin and advisors- John Bugeja and Lionel Taylor will be speaking at the Coriolis Technologies conference “Future of Strategy 2021: Beyond Sustainability”.

The virtual conference brings together the world’s leading security and intelligence experts, policymakers and trade professionals to discuss what is beyond the sustainability narrative.

The week-long conference program will take place from the 8th – 12th November 2021.

During each day a unique blend of specialists and practitioners will discuss and analyse the future of trade finance, ESG and political risk through and ask if and how sustainability efforts are indeed creating a more meaningful economy.

The full program can be viewed here and the agenda for each day is as follows:

Day 1: Creating a Sustainable Trade Landscape – The Political and Economic Overview plus Key Challenges for Business

Day 2: The Trade After Tomorrow – How Technology is Reshaping Global Trade

Day 3: Open SeSME – Levelling the Playing for SME Supply Chains in Emerging Markets

Day 4: Taking the Risk – Trade Security in the 21st Century

Day 5: Beyond Sustainability – When Global Trade is Transparent what can you see?

The online event is free and will include “fireside chat” panels, “on-demand” keynote addresses, webinars and, in a break from tradition, there will be “action research” working lunches every day through the week as part of the “MultiLateral Thinking” programme. Participants are invited to grab their virtual sandwich and get involved with setting the agenda for trade.

So, please register if you think it sounds interesting.

Tickets are available online: