Mitigram partners with Enigio to drive digitalisation of global trade finance.

Published: March 7, 2024
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Stockholm, 7th March 2024 — Mitigram and Enigio are thrilled to announce their partnership aimed at propelling the digitalisation of global trade finance. This strategic collaboration enables Mitigram’s capabilities in trade, by offering a wide spectra of legally compliant electronic trade documents accessible to all counterparts. Following the recent legal adoption of MLETR in the UK and other jurisdictions, it is now possible for all companies to go paperless and transform fully digital end to end trade flows with seamless communication enabling faster and safer access to capital. 

"The collaboration with Enigio marks a significant milestone in our journey to digitalise trade finance," stated Ted Scheiman, Chief Strategy Officer of Mitigram. "Enigio's digital document technology, trace:original, aligns perfectly with our vision, setting a new sustainable document standard for interoperability while delivering excellent value to our clients and the trade finance industry." 

Amanda Evans, Chief Growth Officer at Enigio, remarked, "We are excited to join forces with another strong partner where our technology enables Mitigram’s customers to create freely transferable digital documents. By integrating with trace:original, Mitigram enhances their product offering with a seamless solution for corporates and banks to perform end to end digital transactions with all parties. “The synergy between Mitigram’s user-centric approach and Enigio’s trusted technological advancements will have a profound impact on the industry at a critical time for economic growth”, added Patrik Zekkar, CEO of Enigio.

The Partnership and Digitalisation's Legal Landscape 

This collaboration arrives at a pivotal moment, particularly following the recent legal adoption of the MLETR in the UK, with France and other countries anticipated to follow on shortly. This legal progression emphasises the importance of digital transformation in trade and reinforces the Mitigram-Enigio partnership's commitment to leading this shift. By aligning with these legal advancements, Mitigram and Enigio are not only responding to the evolving regulatory landscape but are also facilitating a smoother transition for the industry towards comprehensive digitalisation.

The Road Ahead 

The Mitigram-Enigio partnership is dedicated to setting new standards in efficiency, security, and interoperability within global trade. Our commitment to widespread adoption and interoperability, including engagement with other ecosystem providers, signals a collective effort to modernise the industry, reflecting both entities' dedication to fostering a digitalised trade finance ecosystem that is both sustainable and forward-thinking.

About Mitigram
 Mitigram is a global leader in digital trade financing. Established in 2014, it has transformed the trade finance sector by offering real-time insights into risks, capacities, and pricing across over 100 markets. Mitigram's innovative solutions have facilitated over $100 billion in financing flows, advancing the digitalisation of trade finance processes and data. Backed by prominent Nordic institutional investors, Mitigram continues to drive the evolution of global trade finance. 

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About Enigio
Enigio is a tech company offering solutions to ensure consistency, integrity, traceability, and possession of digital information making data available only to those who should have access to it while protecting it from manipulation. Freely transferable digital original documents is at the core of what Enigio does and the trace:original solution can be used for multiple types of commercial documents required in global trade. 

trace:original provides banks, corporates, logistic providers, and others with all the advantages of original paper documents but none of their shortcomings, without the need for joining a specific ecosystem or closed platform. 

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