In TFG’s Trade Finance Talks Enigio’s Gunnar Collin and Ulf Eggefors reveal how to reinvent a cumbersome part of trade

Published: December 12, 2022
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The arguments for digitalising trade processes are well known. Paper-based processes are inefficient, error-prone, and subject to frequent delays––particularly in times of disruption.

There’s also the environmental cost of paper to consider, which is increasingly important to today’s sustainability-focused companies.  

Enigio’s Gunnar Collin, Head of Sales, Trade Finance and Ulf Eggefors, Head of Sales, Transport & Logistics talks about a digital reinvention of trade that could address all of these issues in the TFG article “Digitising trade: the solution is in plain sight.” 

To learn how easy it is to switch to an end-to-end digital solution that can carry and exchange information as a physical paper but comparatively in a faster, safer, more cost-effective and sustainable way, please read the full article here: