Meet Enigio’s Gunnar Collin and UIf Eggefors at the ITFA/FFE Transaction Banking & Trade Innovation Day

Published: January 29, 2024
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Once more ITFA together with FFE Fintech Ecosystem and Standarised Trust are organising the “ITFA / FFE Transaction Banking & Trade Innovation Day”. This full-day seminar takes place on 8th February in Helsinki and will cover ITFA’s strategy and many initiatives including early adopters of advanced tradetech market practices.  

Gunnar Collin, Director at Enigio, will speak about and discuss the MLETR adoption and the art of the possible with freely transferable electronic trade documents, interoperability and standards. 

"This will as usual be a great event with the Nordic trailblazer for digital trade. Things are moving fast, and this is the opportunity to get the latest updates and get onboard," says Gunnar Collin. 

"Corporates are playing a vital role in making the change as they produce and collect the vital trade documents under a trade deal. With trace:original and the new legal and rules framework being rolled out it is now possible to make full electronic document presentations without having all parties on the same platform or system, something that was not possible previously," says Ulf Eggefors.  

Link to learn more and to register for free: » ITFA / FFE Transaction Banking & Trade Innovation Day, Finland