Finastra’s Webinar “Network of networks: Tomorrow’s trade ecosystem”

Published: June 18, 2021
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Finastra webinar

Finastra (an open platform for innovation and collaboration between financial services) will hold a webinar on 30 June 2021 to discuss the future of international trade finance and the digitisation of global supply chains. This is a free webinar that will be held from 10:00 am to 11:30 am CEST.

Enigio is set to participate together with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) of the United Kingdom, SWIFT, and ITFA.

With a focus on the importance of supporting global supply chains and the financing of international trade, the webinar will include the following speakers:

  • Louise Taylor-Digby, Head of Trade Strategy, SWIFT
  • Gunnar Collin, Head of Sales and Marketing, Enigio
  • Oswald Kuyler, Managing Director, DSI and ICC
  • Andre Casterman, Managing Director, ITFA
  • Anastasia McAlpine, Head of Product, Trade, and Supply Chain Finance, Finastra 

Follow the link to register for the webinar:

A look into the future of trade ecosystems

Companies are struggling to master the disruptive changes in trade finance and supply chain management against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and a looming global pandemic. The webinar will investigate current challenges in the trade ecosystem as well as discuss the future of the sector leading up to 2025.

Experts will explore the challenges in adopting scalable financial solutions while analysing the best options for banks looking to transform the financing of international trade and supply chain businesses. The collaboration between entities will bring innovation for tomorrow’s trade ecosystem and new rules, standards and regulations will be required to bridge the digitisation gap.

Global initiatives in support of a digital transformation as seen with the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records (MLETR) are already taking root. These guidelines from the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law provide a detailed roadmap for jurisdictions across the globe to follow in their journey towards trade and supply chain digitisation.

At the forefront of companies offering solutions towards the successful digitisation of international trade finance and supply chain businesses are Enigio and Finastra. The two entities have partnered to create a solution for managing and handling digital original documents using distributed ledger technologies.

An analysis by both Enigio and Finastra reveals an 82% reduction in the intervention of manual tasks as well as estimated savings in management costs of 91%.

The partnership between Enigio and Finastra provides solutions that can streamline legacy processes and improve documentation and data security in trade finance as well as supply chain management.