Enigio’s New Logo: A Fresh Look at Establishing Trust in a Digital World

Published: June 16, 2021
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Enigio digital original documentsEnigio is announcing the launch of its new logo. As Enigio’s reputation expands, its brand continues to evolve and a new wave of innovative solutions requires a new look with a story to tell.

Over the years, Enigio has been a steadfast provider of solutions that help multiple companies’ incorporate innovative solutions for traceability and integrity of digital information.

With Enigio’s solution, such as trace:original, companies can freely transfer digital original documents similarly to how they would establish trust in physical environments. In a world where digital information can be easily manipulated, Enigio manages to re-create trust in digital data thus providing proof of the truth in all digital processes.

In a nutshell, Enigio works to intersect two areas that are not usually connected; trust and digital information. Establishing a balance between these two areas is similar to creating a balance between the conservative and the progressive, or the stable and the agile.

The story of how Enigio’s logo emerged started at the connecting link between these seemingly opposing spheres. This is where the inspiration behind the rebranding of the company’s logo started. It all starts with archetypes of both the digital concept as well as the concept of trust.

re:creating trust in a digital world

In most cases, digital concepts are represented in text format by binary codes. The two symbols of “1” and “0” in a string of binary code, serve as an archetype for digital information as it streams through computers and the internet.

Trust, on the other hand, can have a stamp or a sigil as its ultimate archetype since stamps and sigils are used throughout history to convey trust between different parties.

Since Enigio’s innovative solutions combine the age-old concept of trust in a digital environment, Enigio’s new logo merges the two archetypes by arranging the binary string into a stamp-shaped circle.

Then the ones and zeros are arranged in a specific order to create a special meaning. In particular, the arrangement in the logo figure above represents the letter Ehwaz from the elder futhark (the world’s oldest runic alphabet).

ehwaz trust

The letter E in Ehwaz doesn’t only refer to the sound ‘E’ in Enigio but also refers to a hidden meaning of the word Ehwaz which is “Trust”. Together with the symbol and the hidden meaning, Enigio has custom-drawn letters for Enigio with the Barlow typeface as a show of Enigio’s capacity to establish digital trust.

Enigio digital original documents

As Enigio’s mission is to provide trust in a digital world, so does this brand new logo stand as an emblem that marries the two previously incompatible ideas.