Enigio welcomes Katarina Cenner as Head of Marketing and Communications to drive global expansion

Published: January 30, 2024
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Enigio is thrilled to announce the appointment of Katarina Cenner as Head of Marketing and Communications. With 25 years of extensive experience in leading marketing and communications for technology and IT companies, Katarina is poised to play a pivotal role in accelerating Enigio’s growth and driving further adoption in the market.

“Enigio is at the forefront of transforming global trade with our innovative trace:original solution designed to replace paper with secure digital original documents. I am delighted to join a game-changing company that enhances efficiency, transparency and sustainability whilst reducing costs and increasing access to capital for businesses” says Katarina.

Katarina brings a wealth of B2B marketing experience and has a proven track record in accelerating growth and market adoption of technology solutions. She has worked with some of the most innovative companies globally and has a deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies.

“We are excited to welcome Katarina to the Enigio team. With her impressive track record and expertise in brand building, channel marketing and sales support, she is well-equipped to drive our marketing and communication strategies and enhance customer engagement”, said Chief Growth Officer, Amanda Evans.

Patrik Zekkar, CEO of Enigio added: “We are now perfectly positioned to accelerate our commercialisation strategy. In her new role, Katarina will focus on amplifying Enigio’s brand and value, implementing strategic marketing initiatives and supporting our clients and partners in revolutionising global trade”.