Enigio joins Coriolis working group and industry effort to drive ESG standards

Published: December 9, 2021
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Trade data and analytics provider, Coriolis Technologies, has set up a working group with participants from reputable banks, organisations and corporations to drive the work and adoption of standardised ESG scoring criteria for tools and methodologies for the trade and trade finance industry. The news was published by Global Trade Review (GTR) earlier today.

The target for this work is to achieve an ESG monitoring, and passporting tool for global trade flows for enabling trade financiers and exporters to mitigate and solve the challenge of tracking and proving compliance with sustainability standards.

Enigio takes part in this work based on the alignment of interest as a solution provider in the trade finance industry with trace:original for digital original documents, which strongly supports making ESG certificates and proof of standards secure and reliable.

Enigio’s digital document technology already supports digital certificates in different sectors of the trade market. Applying the same solution for ESG certificates will allow for instant verification on handheld devices, and computers with traceability, proof of an original certificate and overall supports the reduction of fraudulent or misleading behaviour with this important standard.