Documaster provides digital student grades using Enigio’s trace:original

Published: December 7, 2022
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Stockholm, Sweden, December 7, 2022 – Enigio AB today announced that it has signed an agreement with Documaster AB, to jointly deliver a complete solution for digital student grades and diplomas.

The current process of creating student grades is a tedious and expensive process for teachers, principals, and school organisers (i.e., municipalities). A regular school must manually manage thousands of wet ink signatures on thousands of documents within a very short time period. Once the student grades are handed out to the students, they are frequently lost and the process for providing a new student grade document to a former student is expensive and requires several manual steps.

The combination of Enigio’s ground-breaking solution trace:original for creating digital original documents in combination with Documaster’s in depth competence in electronic archiving and school systems, provides a complete solution for all types of digital grade documents.

The combined offering is independent of which student administrative system the organiser of the school has. The actual electronic identification and signing takes place via Swedish BankID, or any other similar tool for identification and signing. The signing process features a solution called bulk signing, which means that for example a school principal can sign thousands of student grades with one electronic signature, without compromising the security and integrity.

In addition to the signature a digital stamp (with a qualified trusted certificate) is placed on the digital grade. The digital stamp is issued by the organiser of the school. The digital grades are archive resistant and secured from manipulation using Enigio’s blockchain technology, which also enables an immutable validation of the student grade authenticity.

The product is independent of whether the organiser has an e-archive or not. The solution includes e-archiving via Documaster’s C-archive. For those organisers that already have an e-archive, an integration between the existing e-archive and C-archive can be set up. Alternatively, C-archive can be used for final storage of the grade documents.

The grades are made available to students (and/or parents) via a web portal and can be safely downloaded at any point. When sending the grades (i.e., to potential employers), it will be possible for the potential employer to swiftly verify the authenticity of the student grade.

“Documaster is very pleased to be able to offer Sweden’s municipalities and independent school organisers this solution. If all school organisers were to use this product, we would together make efficiency gains  and savings equivalent to approx. SEK 650 million per year, with higher security and quality. Digital management also means significant environmental gains and  better working environment,” says Esbjörn Grandalen, Product Manager at Documaster.

“This agreement with Documaster is fully in line with our strategy to improve efficiency, costs, and security by digitising all types of documents without compromising on security, or the ability for long term archiving. The co-operation with Documaster is a perfect fit for providing a faster, safer, and easier process for creating student grades”, says Göran Almgren Head of New Markets at Enigio.

About Documaster
Documaster AS delivers solutions for documentation management and storage to both the public and the private sector. Within a short time period, the company has established one of Norway’s strongest competence centres in digitalisation, management and long-time archiving of documentation. Documaster AS currently has 90 employees and has offices in Oslo, Ålesund, Trondheim, Stockholm, London, and Sofia.

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About Enigio
Enigio is a tech company offering solutions to ensure consistency, integrity, traceability, and possession of digital information making data available only to those who should have access to it while protecting it from manipulation. For more information visit

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