Industry Perspectives: Reliable systems – are they really something new?

This article is published by GTR, author Jacob Atkins The UK Electronic Trade Documents Act (ETDA) has been hailed as a catalyst for the digitisation of global trade because the bulk of trade transactions are carried out under English law. The Act calls for a “reliable system” to effectively govern electronic documents and ensure they […]

Enigio’s case studies using trace:original are included in the latest ICC UK report from the Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation

The latest ICC UK report from the Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation sets out the tangible benefits of the Electronic Trade Documents Act and the opportunities it offers. There are 16 case studies in the report and includes some of Enigio’s using trace:original: Vistry Group used a trace:original electronic promissory note for a land […]

Enigio enables digitalisation of UK mortgages

Mortgage Solutions today published this article by: Stephen Sandiford, market consultant, Enigio The UK mortgage and house buying process, long seen as slow and heavily paper-based, is now ripe for full digitalisation by both removing paper and automating processes. Swedish tech firm Enigio, using its solution trace:original, already working with Lloyds Banking Group to digitalise trade […]

GTR Industry Perspectives: Demystifying trade digitisation to drive legal reform

This article is published by GTR, author Eleonor Wragg The imminent passage of the Electronic Trade Documents Bill in the UK is not only a transformative milestone for global trade, but also a triumph of cross-industry collaboration. Stakeholders across the trade ecosystem have been unanimous in their support of this enabling piece of legislation. In […]

Enigio’s trace:original proves an ideal digital solution for bank guarantees and standby letters of credit (SBLC)

In the TFG article “An introduction to digitalising bank guarantees end-to-end“, trace:original has been introduced as an ideal solution for issuing digital bank guarantees.  At Enigio, we have not found any technical solution to digitally issue negotiable instruments in its true sense such as bank guarantees or an SBLC; it can be done on paper, as a […]

trace:original walkthrough videos

Enigio has published a walkthrough gallery of trace:original to demonstrate the creation and management of digital original documents using the solution. The gallery also includes some explanatory videos of signing, transferring, receiving, and validating trace:original documents that make it easy to understand how seamlessly the documents can be created and integrated into our customers’ own […]

China Systems taps Enigio’s trace:original to digitise guarantees

In this ICC UAE Digital Dialogue together with ICC China, Vincent O’Brien challenges China Systems’ Joel Schrevens by giving him the task to prove how a paper-based guarantee process can transform into an end-to-end digital guarantee process, using its existing Trade and Supply Chain Finance platform integrated with Enigio’s solution trace:original. China Systems applied several […]

Patrik Zekkar and the journey to a digital trade finance

Enigio’s CEO Patrik Zekkar was interviewed by Trade Finance Global (TFG) Editor Deepesh Patel. In the conversation, Patrik talks about his journey to Enigio and his views on digitalisation in trade and supply chain finance. Patrik’s appointment is a key step for Enigio to become the leading technology provider of the global standard for freely […]

Enigio joins Coriolis working group and industry effort to drive ESG standards

Trade data and analytics provider, Coriolis Technologies, has set up a working group with participants from reputable banks, organisations and corporations to drive the work and adoption of standardised ESG scoring criteria for tools and methodologies for the trade and trade finance industry. The news was published by Global Trade Review (GTR) earlier today. The […]