Digitise any original document

Paper documents still exist because digital files like normal PDF's cannot be presented as original documents.​ Enigio's trace:original can!

It has all the qualities of paper but is digital, end-to-end. This makes trace:original safer, faster, more sustainable and cost-efficient.


For any industry


Transport & Logistics



And more...

trace:original features


Anyone can implement and start using trace:original for issuing digital originals. A computer and internet connection is all you need.​ It is only the one creating the digital original document that needs to be a customer of Enigio.


trace:original is digitally interoperable between anyone and any system and readable by humans and machines.​ trace:original documents can contain a standard and/or a schema​ and enables straight through processing (STP)

No lock-in, free to use after issuance, forever

After issuance of a trace:original document, there are no required memberships and no fees. Only freely transferable digital original documents.

Designed to comply with existing legislation

trace:original is designed to satisfy all conditions of UNCITRAL's MLETR, as well as the dDOC specifications from ITFA's DNI initiative.

Instant sustainable impact

​By digitising your original documents you instantly reduce carbon emissions, fresh water and land use from paper production and transportation. All while increasing access to finance for SME's.

Easy and flexible to implement

All parties can keep their current systems and processes. No need for change of current law and regulations provided they are technology neutral MLETR or similar (e.g. the UK) 

In cooperation with


"Enigio’s trace:original technology supports such ‘Open Trade’ environment as it leaves the definition of digital document contents and standards to the industry; it also does not limit the channels and platforms through which a digital document can flow. It thereby provides the most frictionless and secure solution for introduction of digital documents, which is essential from a transformational and ‘digital inclusion’ point of view."

Joel Schrevens, Solutions Director of China Systems

“The adoption of the Digital Trade accelerates becoming the industry standard. We encourage market participants to experiment with Enigio’s trace:original via the ITFA dDOC Manager and look forward to welcoming customers into the era of digital trade reality through the open integration of Enigio’s trace:original with Finastra’s Fusion Trade Innovation.”

Anastasia McAlpine, Head of Product Trade and Supply Chain Finance at Finastra

"The dCMR (built using trace:original) will open up a lot of new insights to the supply chain by modernising the way we administrate. It will cut down the physical paperwork of cargo transportation and by doing that streamline the handover of goods."

Benjamin Fossum, Head of Digital Transformation & IT at Scanlog


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re:creating trust in a digital world

Our world manages enormous amounts of digital data that is in a constant process of creation and change. Digital information is easy to manipulate and it becomes increasingly harder to judge what is true and what really happened. Enigio is a Stockholm-based technology company aiming to become the global technology provider of a standardised solution for digitalised, authoritative original documents.

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